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About Us

Token Sender is a batch sending tool designed to help project owners with distributing tokens to multiple wallet addresses from a CSV or TXT file.
Token Sender provides some of the cheapest fees in the industry with a large range of blockchains to select from for your token distribution.
The Token Sender bulk sending tool allows you to Send tokens in Batches. The Coin tool disperses tokens from a single wallet to thousands of wallet addresses in 3 easy steps.

A guide to how works

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Step 2

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Step 3

Approve and Send tokens




  • 0.035 ETH per 200 addresses


  • 0.4 BNB per 600 addresses


  • 100 TRX per 50 addresses


What does this site do?

Token Sender .com is a tool for bulk sending tokens to multiple wallet addresses from a CSV file . There is no technical knowledge required, just a CSV file populated with the addresses and values you want to send. 

The Coin tool disperses tokens from a single wallet to thousands of wallet addresses in 3 easy steps.

Send Airdrops Token Multisender tool will show your crypto token analytics before Sending Ether, Binance, Tron, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Cosmos, Avalanche and other tokens in Batches. 

How does it work?

You can send tokens to multiple wallet addresses in 3 simple steps. 1, upload CSV 2, Approve tokens  3, Send tokens


See our “how to” page for more information and tutorial video 

Do you have a referral programme

Yes – you can find more information on our affiliate page on the website homepage

How do I populate the CSV file?

We have created an example CSV Template so demonstrate how to populate your CSV file before uploading to your token distribution.

What are the fees for using Token

Visit our pricing page and find out how much your token send fees will come to using our fee calculator 

Can I test Token Sender .com before sending my tokens?

Yes Token Sender has an inbuilt Faucet which allows you to mint some test tokens to send and test the bulk sending process before sending your tokens. 


Token Sender sites can be used on the Rinkeby test network – select the test network and mint some tokens here on the free to use Faucet (gas fees apply)

Is it safe?

Yes, Token Sender  has processed thousands of token transfers. Users can view the code along with previous transactions on Etherscan 

Select Token is showing “No matching options” ?

This is because you are not connected to your web 3 wallet or don’t have any tokens in your connected wallet


Please check your wallet is connected by pressing the connect button in the top right hand corner of the site, and make sure you are connected to the wallet you intend to send tokens from.