A guide to how tokensender.com works

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Step 1 - Preparing your data

1. Connect to your web 3 wallet and select Main net
2. Wait for 10 seconds for the wallet balances to load
3. Select the token that you would like to send from the drop down list
4. Upload your pre populated TXT or CSV file, alternatively you can manually insert addresses in the following format (Address,value) - you can also download the example CSV file on the site which will demonstrate how to populate the tables.
5. Click NEXT 

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Step 2 - Confirm your Token Send Summary

6. Approve transaction
7. Check and confirm your token send summary 

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Step 3 - Send transaction

8. Click SEND
9. Confirm the transaction in your wallet
10. Wait for the transaction to complete
11. Receive TXid 

Token Send Complete