Token Sender is a batch sending tool designed to help project owners with distributing tokens to multiple wallet addresses from a CSV or TXT file.
Token Sender provides some of the cheapest fees in the industry with a large range of blockchains to select from for your token distribution.
The Token Sender bulk sending tool allows you to Send tokens in Batches. The Coin tool disperses tokens from a single wallet to thousands of wallet addresses in 3 easy steps. You will require a list of the crypto addresses to upload into the Token Sender Dapp and the quantity of tokens you wish to send to each address.
The Token Sender tool will show your crypto token analytics before Sending Ether, Binance, Tron, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Cosmos, Cudos, Avalanche and other tokens in Batches.
We hope your distribution goes well and if you have any questions please reach out to us on the website live chat or on social media